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About PuppyPals.  Pets are beneficial to everybodys health, they provide daily exercise & socialization for all. Then why do so many suffer? Thousands are surrendered to rescue groups & shelters.  This is a vicious cycle that will never get fixed; unless we understand the root of the problem & take action.  Take a look in the  Dog Sitting Exchange tab.  Have some fun join PuppyPals (free) & share pet remedies, pixs, & videos.  We have a Shopping Mall If you're artistic visit the Shopping Mall for information.  Post in our free classifieds if you have used pet items. Browse our Dog Park Directory and Shelter/Rescue Directory. Read More...

Puppy ownership has a lot of responsibilities. How many times have we found ourselves needing and wanting to get away on business trips, vacations, or just a weekend getaway? Who is going to take care of our beloved member of the family? Check out our Free Dog Sitting Exchange, where absolutely no money is exchanged, just love and care of each others pets.

15 May, 2015
Koda We live in Rocklin, CA. Koda is a 25 lb German Spitz. He needs a playmate for a dog exchange when I travel. I am retired. I have fostered dogs so he is used to other dogs in my home and large backyard. I would like to exchange pet sitting with a dog that is medium sized or smaller.
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4 May, 2015
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25 April, 2015
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5 April, 2015
Vladimir Looking to find a playmate/exchange pet sitting services in the Austin, TX area. 6yo Siberian Husky, very sweet, loves other dogs and people.
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1 April, 2015
bella playing with my puppy
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2 March, 2015
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5 January, 2015
Chloe Hi! We would like to find some nice people and dogs to exchange pet sitting with for vacations
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Chloe We'd also like to arrange some play dates...Woof!
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Chloe We would like to find someone to exchange pet sitting services with. I have a sister named Sophie. We are both nice friendly dogs, Sophie is still kinda shy at first she was a stray and we rescued her about a year ago. My mom really loves dogs and always says the more poochies the better!
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30 December, 2014
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6 December, 2014
Noah Hey everyone! My name is Noah, and I'm a super sweet 1 year old Pit Bull. My human just got a new job requiring her to be at work 9 hours a day, and I have not been adapting well to her new lifestyle. I have severe separation anxiety, and I cry for hours while she is gone. One time I even managed to escape from my metal crate while she was at work. I tried to get out the back door to go find her, but all I ended up doing was some major damage to the door. My human can't afford to put me in day care every day, but she really wants to find someone to love me while I'm gone. Does anyone know someone in the Indianapolis area that would like to do a pet exchange so that I won't miss my human as much during the day?
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