Club Meetings

We want to make sure that our puppies are doing well throughout their time with us so we meet at least twice a month. This typically happens the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month with in-person meetings and outings sometimes shifting to the weekend. You can contact our area coordinator if you would like to join us!

At puppy raiser meetings, the puppies will be exposed socially to other pups and learn to follow his or her raisers instructions or another club member in spite of distractions. Club leaders will help raisers by observing how the puppies perform different commands and provide instruction, tips, and recommendations where needed. A wide range of techniques are practiced to ensure the the pups are comfortable with commands they should know before they head to "puppy college" at The Seeing Eye for formal training to become a Seeing Eye guide dog.

Opportunity for discussion about possible problems or obedience issues are offered, health and grooming tips are shown, and the club plans future exposure outings to help socialize the pups and provide learning opportunities for them out in public places where appropriate. We also take as many opportunities as we can to have other club events and outings.

Club meetings are all about the pups!!!! Our lives have gone to the dogs!!!!