Puppy PALS
of Middlesex County

Who Are We?

The Middlesex County Puppy PALS (Puppies Aiding the Less Sighted) Seeing Eye Club is a group of volunteers located throughout the county who raise puppies (Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds) bred by The Seeing Eye Inc, the oldest guide dog school in the United States, to become future guide dogs.  

Our membership includes both adults and children, many who have raised multiple dogs (just ask us to talk about our pups - we remember each and every one!). We receive our pups at about 7 week old of age directly from the Seeing Eye, and provide these pups with love, guidance, socialization, and care until they are returned to The Seeing Eye for formal guide dog training.

How do we know how to raise a Seeing Eye puppy? Have no fear - not only do these pups come with their own Puppy Raising Manual, but we have a wonderful support structure within the club, as well as our area coordinator (who delivers and picks up the pup) and the Seeing Eye organization itself.

A young Frank Morris is kneeling next to his German Shepherd, Buddy, in this black and white picture

Frank Morris and Buddy
PHOTO: TN State Library & Archives